Gauntlet Challenge: 7 Point Reject

  • Each challenger will bring 3 decks in a format selected from Below and will face a gauntlet of 10 decks in a non-sideboarding best 2 out of 3 matches and if the challenger survives they will be awarded cash money in the amount of whatever  is stated  in the pot at the time. Players can not use more than the legal quantity  among  of all the decks they bring  to the table. Once a deck is played, it must continue  to be played  until it is eliminated. The challenger advantage  is , win or lose the challenger always chooses to play or draw first.
  • 7 Point Reject
  • Players will construct  a deck of 60 cards while limiting themselves to using  only 7 points from the following  point cards bellow.
If the card is not listed,  it is Zero points.
  • Challenger advantage: at the beginning  of each match with a new deck they may request  to see the point cards that the gauntlet  is playing  with.